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Renovatio Cloud Solutions Recognized as Top App Developer

By Marla Rosner | 05/06/2016

Renovatio Cloud Solutions Recognized as Top App Developer

Renovatio Cloud Solutions is proud to have recently been recognized as a Top App Developer in Austin by Clutch, a Washington, D.C., based research firm that identifies top digital agencies around the globe. We’re a fairly new organization—we were founded in 2014—but we’ve already made our mark in an increasingly cluttered digital environment. 

We believe that much of our success has been built on our ability to provide customized solutions to meet client needs. One client, the operations manager at an insurance services firm, said: “Renovatio Cloud listened to our needs and didn’t try and fit us into a cookie-cutter project they may have used for previous clients. If they have to start from scratch, they start from scratch, which is what they did for us.”

Our work requires a hand-in-hand relationship with clients. Our sweet spot is addressing complex problems. To address those problems, we rely on a team of team of business strategists, designers, software engineers, leaders and digital adventurers who thoroughly enjoy transforming our clients’ businesses.

We value our relationships with organizations like Clutch, and other partners that help us bring cutting edge solutions to our clients. Recently we were asked to comment on our perspectives on Amazon Web Services (AWS), given our thought leadership in this field. As a professional IT services consulting firm we rely on AWS to help us serve our clients’ needs. They’re cost effective, flexible and they offer exceptional training opportunities. Their offerings for professional certification tests give our clients an extra level of confidence.

Ultimately, of course, it’s results that matter and that, we believe, is why we’ve been identified as an Austin Top App Developer. The CEO and founder of a web data company, a client of ours, said: “Their team is very responsive; we have no complaints. We communicate through a Slack channel, and have weekly conference calls in order to check on statuses and assigned work. There's never been a delay in their response.”

Interested in learning more about our firm and our services? We invite you to visit our profile.


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Marla Rosner

Marla is a Content Marketing Associate at Renovatio Cloud Solutions. Her aim is to cultivate a greater understanding of digital innovation and cloud-based solutions, and how they can benefit businesses and consumers. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin in Plan II Honors, Linguistics, and French, and is currently finishing a master’s degree in Linguistics through the University of California San Diego. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and reading speculative fiction.